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As a volunteer group, we have tried many actions to continue the legacy of Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center. Some were successful and helped influence the Manitou Fund and some had no effect.


Here's what we've done:

Survey for Teachers

We Love Warner is gathering information from teachers that have taken students to the Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center. The volunteers at We Love Warner are planning to compile the data from the survey and present it to the Manitou Fund as evidence of the impact Warner has had on the lives of students.

Warner Legacy Petition

We started a petition to gauge community support for continuing the legacy of Warner Nature Center. The petition gained over 1,700 signatures which is an amazing number of supporters. View the petition and support's comments below.

Shared Stories

Many past Warner volunteers and students have shared their stores about Warner Nature Center. Some are chilling and some bring back great memories.

Letters to Editors

Many citizens and warner volunteers sent letters to news sources. A few were published.

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