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Disclaimer: The content of this website strictly reflects the views and opinions of a group of Warner Nature Center volunteers wishing to continue the legacy of Warner Nature Center and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the staff of Warner Nature Center nor the staff of the Science Museum of Minnesota.


Get Involved

There are a couple of actions that you can personally do to get involved with continuing the legacy of Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center. We are also open to new suggestions. We have until December 2019 to change minds and get answers.


Sign the Petition

Please express your support to CONTINUE the Warner Nature Center’s legacy of helping people build lasting relationships with the natural world by signing and sharing the petition. You can also help out by hanging posters in your community. Print your favorite color and then post it on bulletin boards in your area.

These signatures will be collected and shared with the Manitou Fund to demonstrate the strength of the community’s support for continuing the legacy of Warner Nature Center. 

Please DO NOT DONATE. We are only collecting signatures.


Here's what else you can do:

Write a Letter to the Editor

Writing a Letter to the Editor (LTE) is a beautiful way to share the importance of Warner Nature Center with our community/state. The more letters received on Warner, the more likely that the paper is to cover the story in articles and on the editorial page.

Share Your Story

We want to hear your story about Warner Nature Center, and what it means to you. We are looking for positive stories that are filled with passion for the center, the program, the people, and the ecosystem.

Survey for Teachers

We Love Warner is gathering information from teachers that have taken students to the Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center. The volunteers at We Love Warner are planning to compile the data from the survey and present it to the Manitou Fund as evidence of the impact Warner has had on the lives of students.

Open Facebook Group

Request access to our Closed Facebook Group to join the discussion. Stories and news will be posted to the group as well as updates from our meetings.