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A Fantastic Journey

I have been a volunteer at WNC for 25 years and it has been a fantastic journey.

The place itself, woods, lakes, prairie, and a bog!

The staff is amazing, always supportive, teaching kids and volunteers!

Volunteers are dedicated and volunteer for decades. We are family.

Then there are the kids, full of wonder, excited, having fun while soaking up knowledge about what is going on in nature.

Here is a letter from one of the kids:

“I really liked to work with you.It was fun acting like we were in a real survival situation.
I liked the way you taught us that if you guys think together you can survive.
I also liked how to make a fire and keep it going and eating marshmallows.
Thank you for being our guide.”

Another kid told me that This was his BEST FIELD TRIP EVER!

When I asked him why, he answered: because of the TREES!

Trees are everywhere you look. No houses, no streets no cars just trees!!!

It’s like MAGIC!

He was right, because Warner Nature Center has been like magic for everyone involved..

And it is heartbreaking to let go.

Now we need some magic to be able to continue this beautiful place to educate kids, enjoy and appreciate nature.

This story was shared by:

Anja Iversen

WNC Volunteer

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