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AUTHENTIC Connections

When I retired from a 33-year career working with special needs children in the public schools, I looked for a volunteer opportunity where I could really make a difference in children’s lives. After exploring a variety of options for volunteering, I discovered Warner. I could see that the curriculum was well written and executed by passionate staff and volunteers so as to provide children (and adults) with and AUTHENTIC connection to the natural world through real-life exploration. After working in the public schools with the many mandates and costly expenditures, it was refreshing to see how the staff at Warner was able to creatively develop and execute quality programming with a committed staff, dedicated volunteers and a minimal budget. I know that all children need to touch and explore, smell and immerse themselves in nature to develop a true connection and love for the outdoors. I saw firsthand the way this programming connected with all the students with what, for many, was their first experience in a truly natural forest/wetland/lake, etc. Only with this understanding will future generations be able to have the passion and scientific understanding to value and protect our environment. These real-life experiences and learning opportunities in a natural environment cannot be replicated in any museum or video. I love Warner, but I know I am not alone. Warner’s mission to connect people to the natural world is working and future generations are the beneficiaries. This story was shared by: Lesa M. Brandt Warner Nature Center Volunteer #WeLoveWarner

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