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Editorial counterpoint: Keep Warner Nature Center running

Article in the Star Tribune by Mark Lex

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A commentary on the editorial “Good news on the eventual fate of Warner Nature Center” (Star Tribune, Oct. 19, 2019) submitted by Mark Lex to the Star Tribune.
I take issue with the title of the Star Tribune’s editorial “Good news on the eventual fate of Warner Nature Center”. The fate was certainly not good news to the teachers and students who were scheduled to come to Warner Nature Center for programs. A group of concerned Warner Nature Center volunteers asked teachers who have taken students to Warner to describe some of the impacts and challenges the closing at the end of the year would have on their school and students (www.welovewarner.org).
One teacher stated, “We are scrambling to decide how we will cover the state science standards that Warner covered for us”. Another teacher commented, “Our scheduled field trip this year has been canceled. It will impact over 200 of our 4th grade students”. In the editorial, Mr. McNeely states that the new center “may take two years or more to develop and reopen”. That means that for the next two years or more, the 4th graders at this school, along with thousands of other students, will miss out on all that Warner Nature Center has to offer. Reopening the nature center in two years will not help them.

Read and View the FULL Article here!


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