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LTE from Mark Olien in the Star Tribune

Letter to Editor in the Star Tribune by MARK B. OLIEN, STILLWATER

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Greg McNeely said in a recent editorial that he was blinded sided by the backlash of community concern about his group’s decision to close Warner Nature Center? How could he not have anticipated the ground swell of community outrage over the closing of this beloved and highly respected institution? In part, this ground swell of community concern is a tribute to his father’s, Don McNeely, funding of Warner Nature Center. With support from the Manitou Fund and the dedicated work of hundreds of talented staff, volunteers, and educators throughout the community, Warner has risen to the highest levels of natural and environmental education. So much so, that the community has embraced Warner as their own, claiming ownership. No higher honor can be given to Don McNeely. It seems to me that Don McNeely’s dream of a world class nature center has already come to fruition. I urge the McNeely children to examine their family conscience before they destroy that which cannot be replaced.

Read and View the LTE here!

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