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Reflections on the Heart of Warner

“To build lasting relationships between people and the natural world.”

It’s that simple.

The Mission Statement of Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center is much more than 10 words strung together in human language. It’s a creed by which every single person involved in the workings of Warner lives. It’s a state of mind...a state of heart...a state of the spirit that has driven and supported Warner for over 50 years. Every person who has ever committed to Warner in any capacity, for any length of time, is a teacher. We receive our lessons from the woods, fields, lakes, bog...and the wildlife that make this place home. As teachers, and as comrades in the mission, we have learned and passed on great wealth of knowledge of “the natural world”...and specifically, intimately, a deep ‘knowing’ of this site. We have stood on the shoulders of great naturalists who came before us, who eagerly taught us everything they could so that we may impart that knowledge—and our shared love for this place and our world—with those who come to discover it.

Warner people; visiting school kids who come each season (no matter the weather) year after year; summer camp kids (many who grew up right before our eyes!); individuals and families that participate in public programs.... We’ve always thought of Warner as ‘ours’…but I came to realize that we belong to Warner. Not to the name, not to the organization...but to the Spirit of Place. We belong to these woods, these fields, these lakes, that bog.... We belong to the weather (whatever!)... and it taught us to dress for it. We belong to each other. We belong to the world...our beautiful, natural world.

This is perhaps the greatest gift that we All share through all these years. Though lands shift, lakes rise and fall, creeks sometimes take a different course; though Time passes; though lives change—by endings or new beginnings; though we come and go and keep coming back again....a very special part of each of us stays here when we go.

We remain. . .

steadfastly. . .

Warner’s people.

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©️Marby Rufsvold (‘Muskrat Lady’)

04 Oct 2019


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