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Situation Update - September 19, 2019

At our first official We Love Warner meeting, our group of concerned Warner Nature Center (WNC) volunteers discussed the rumors that have been spread, red flags that have made us concerned for the future, and some options that we can do moving forward.

One thing that we have been told (and hope to be true) is that the Manitou Fund would like to continue helping others build relationships with the natural world. The way they plan to do this has not been confirmed by the fund, and they do not have an official press release on this topic yet.

Multiple volunteers at the meeting who directly talked to the Manitou Fund are optimistic about the future of the WNC property. They also stressed that we should stay positive and continue to share our stories about WNC and what it means to us.

The Manitou Fund has graciously provided this spectacular piece of land and a budget towards helping children discover nature for many years, and we should applaud them for what they have already provided (even though we all wish it could continue forever!)

Times change and hopefully with the community’s support we can help influence the Manitou Fund to provide these awesome opportunities once again on the property.

<<<< Please share your stories with us so we can see and hear your support for Warner. >>>>

Also, share and spread the word! Encourage your friends and families to share their stories with us too. The more stories we collect, the better.

We are planning to “beef up” the We Love Warner website with more details about the Warner Nature Center and also about the Manitou Fund. Please stay tuned for updates.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, September 24th, 2019 at 4 PM at the Stillwater Library – 3rd Floor. Join us if you feel you have something to add to our efforts moving forward.


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