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Technology Kids Begging to Go Outside

I’m a’churning with memories...recollections and reflections on some of the best years of my adult life!

It was all the miles on the Trails at Warner...guiding kids into, what was to many of them, the wilderness, that rekindled my gifts for and my love of teaching. I went on to—or rather back to—teaching some very challenging children in special ed...and my deepest communions, most successful lessons, and greatest victories with them seemed to happen out in our school forest, or were somehow woven with threads of nature.

I had kids who spent all their leisure time at home on some form of technology actually asking me to take them outside! That took some time and some doing, but when that began to happen…heck yeah! YES! we can take our lesson outside! Sticks and stones and birds on the wing make invaluable teaching tools!

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