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The Rewards of Hesitant Students

What Warner means to me.

I have been volunteering at Warner for a relatively short time, 11 years, compared to some of the others at the Nature Center. During that period I have contributed over 2000 hours of my time, primarily working with elementary students.

The students are almost always interested in what they see at Warner, even though some of them have never gone into the woods before and may have great concern that they are going to be attacked by a bear.

As a volunteer, it is very rewarding to get very hesitant students to touch an insect that they have dip netted from the lake or to dip their finger into a carnivorous Pitcher Plant in the bog.

My background is in the biological sciences. It is very fulfilling to see a student who shows that particular spark of interest in what we are teaching, such that you know that this child, in 15 or 20 years is going to be a scientist or engineer.

I keep hoping that the student`s experience has been half as rewarding for them as it is for me.

My overriding concern about ending student programs at Warner, even temporarily, as that we are going to lose an opportunity with several thousand students, to teach them about the natural world.

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