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This Place (a shared poem)

At the invitation of Barb Wojahn, I'm sharing this piece I wrote upon learning of the forthcoming closure of Warner Nature Center. I'm honored to be asked and proud to share it.

This place.

A Place so beloved,

so life-giving and life-affirming.

This place.

A place of lives ended,

life renewed,

and life everlasting.

This place.

Teacher. Sanctuary.

Respite. Friend.

A light in the Forest...

even on the grayest day

and in the darkest night.

The inhaled gasps of wonder

of thousands of children

exhaled in oohs and ahhs

inhaled by bark and leaf

of sentient trees.

This place is My Place

and Your Place.

A place we found home,

went home,

left home,

call home.

This place.

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