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Update 11/9/2019

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Warner Nature Center is having their final get-together with staff and volunteers on Saturday, November 23rd from 1 to 4 PM at Warner. We Love Warner volunteers are collecting photos reflecting all the various activities of WNC and will produce a special gift. This gift will be presented to the staff in gratitude for their dedicated service during the gathering. If you would like to contribute to the gift, please email welovewarner@gmail.com for details. 


We have scheduled our first two Hike & Social Get-Togethers for WNC Volunteers and Staff who want to hike and chat. Carpooling sites are still being worked out for those who do NOT have state park passes. Please RSVP online at welovewarner.org to let us know that you plan on attending.

The first event is on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 starting at 9 AM at William O’Brien State Park’s visitor center.

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The second event is on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 starting at 1 PM at Afton State Park’s visitor center.

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Lee and Rose Warner Nature Center, a unique and pristine nature area, has long been a key location for science research. We are working to make the website more robust so the Manitou Fund and everyone will see the need to continue these projects. Many volunteers have contributed information.

Good news has come out on the bog testing equipment. Instead of going to the SMM, the equipment is being housed at the St Croix Watershed Research Station. Along with the equipment, they are providing space for the bog volunteers to continue water testing, if not at Bernie's Bog, then elsewhere. Other good news regarding science project equipment is several other project volunteers have been able to keep their equipment in hopes of continuing their research.

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Thank you to everyone who has shown their support by signing the Show Your Support for Warner Nature Center's Legacy petition. The support shown for one nature center to continue building relationships between people and the natural world has been truly amazing.

We have surpassed 1,500 signatures!

We Love Warner plans to hold the petition open until the end of the year. The petition will close on December 31st, 2019, and the signatures will then be collected to be shared with the board of the Manitou Fund. We believe this is ample time for the people to show their support for our cause.

As a reminder, we would like to be clear about NOT DONATING on the Change.org website. We are grateful for those who have, but we are ONLY collecting signatures at the moment. We plan to create an official report with the signatures and comments after closing the petition. The report will be viewable on our website.

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Ed Fleming, Curator of Archeology at Science Museum of Minnesota, recently discovered artifacts at Warner Nature Center along the shore of Lake Terrapin. These are believed to be from the Woodland Period and dated 500-900 A.D. The artifacts include a couple small chips of pottery and numerous flakes that are the byproduct of making stone tools.  It is a significant find and according to Ed, Warner should be surveyed as there is a high probability of discovering more.

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Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 at 4 PM at the Stillwater Public Library - 3rd Floor 

Please join us if you feel you have something to add to our efforts moving forward or want to sit in and listen during our meeting. 

We Love Warner is a group of concerned volunteers who love the Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center for its mission (to build lasting relationships between people and the natural world) and for its spirit that lives in the people, programs, and ecosystem. Our mission is to continue the legacy of Warner Nature Center for future generations. ​

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