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Update 12/11/2019

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The Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center is sadly in its last month of operation. As we are all aware, the nature center will be officially closed on December 31st, 2019. So what comes next? As we move into 2020, hopefully, more answers will become available to us all. In the meantime...



Our We Love Warner group is moving in a new direction starting in January. We are now focusing on three new goals.

Unite Warner Community: We plan on hosting events each month over the next year or so for people who are connected to the Warner Nature Center. These events are to reunite and join together folks who would like to reminisce about the past and chat about the future.

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Share Legacy & Inform Community: We want to share the legacy of Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center and inform the community when new information becomes available to the public. This involves if anything new happens on the property, program, or people.

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Link New Volunteer Opportunities: Former Warner volunteers can discover new volunteering opportunities that have a nature or science focus on our site.

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Our first Hike & Social on December 4th was a success. We would love another great turn out at our next event on Tuesday, January 7th at Afton State Park. All persons connected to Warner Nature Center are welcomed at our Hike & Socials. These events are to reunite and join together folks to reminisce about the past and chat about the future. Please RSVP on our website so we know you are joining us.



Thank you to everyone who has shown their support by signing the Show Your Support for Warner Nature Center's Legacy petition. The support shown for one nature center to continue building relationships between people and the natural world has been truly amazing.

We are over 1,600 signatures!

We Love Warner plans to hold the petition open until the end of the year. The petition will close on December 31st, 2019, and the signatures and comments will then be collected to be shared with the board of the Manitou Fund in a formal report.

Get Involved w/ We Love Warner

Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 7th at 11:30 AM at Afton State Park Visitor Center.

Please join us if you feel you have something to add to our efforts moving forward or want to sit in and listen during our meeting.

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